Advanced wave power plants will replace wind installations (3 photos)

The possibility of obtaining cheap, renewableelectricity has recently become one of the most pressing problems of mankind. The conquest of the energy of sea waves and its conversion into electricity was made possible by the invention of engineers from Scotland and Italy. New power plants are not only cheaper, but also more reliable than traditional turbines, since they have fewer moving parts and are made of highly durable materials.

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The invention has received the name dielectricelastomer generator (DEG). The principle of operation is based on the creation of excess pressure in the vertical columns in which the membranes are installed. The columns are filled with water that comes when the waves roll in, and this creates additional air pressure, which is transmitted to the membrane.

One DEG generator can generate electricity500 kW equivalent of electricity, enough to service about 100 homes. Developers from the University of Edinburgh plan to put up new generators along the coast of Scotland and, if possible, replace the already installed turbine power plants, more expensive to operate.

Scientists believe that the energy of numerous waves is a valuable resource in Scotland, allowing to produce clean energy at the lowest cost.