Addiction to suicide can be detected by brain scans

New discovery by researchers from YaleUniversity may significantly reduce the number of suicides. As a rule, it is extremely difficult to identify the suicidal tendency of a person, but thanks to the detected biological trait, this can be done with the help of positron emission tomography. To a greater extent, the method will be effective with patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. When suicidal thoughts arise, pronounced changes occur in their brains.

Stress disorder is a consequenceexperienced by a traumatic psyche situation. Early studies have shown that the military and, oddly enough, prison workers are more inclined to it. Scientists have known that with many mental illnesses in the human brain, there is an increase in the availability of the mGluR5 receptor, so researchers from Yale University decided to check whether there are any changes in his work if there are suicidal thoughts.

To find out, they spent through tomography87 volunteers: they were divided into groups of 29 people, among which were patients with stress disorder, depression and healthy people. The amount of mGluR5 was calculated in five areas of the brain: in a pair of parts of the prefrontal cortex, in the orbitofrontal cortex, the amygdala, and hippocampus.

As expected, the amount of the aboveThe receptor varies greatly depending on the mental state of people. Patients with stress disorder receptors are more accessible, and in the presence of thoughts of suicide, they are actually more than in their absence.

Scientists cannot explain the relationship betweenthe number of receptors and the presence of suicidal thoughts, but they are sure that this is a clear biological marker that can save many lives. Based on this knowledge, scientists can easily create drugs that affect this group of receptors and save people from suicidal tendencies.

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