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Acer Switch 3 Review - Easy and inexpensive transformer with terrible performance

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New Acer Switch 3 transformer tablet standsonly $ 450 (26,500 p.) is much cheaper not only for almost all other Transformer laptops based on Windows, but also on most good smartphones.

But, its hardware corresponds to the price - an Intel Pentium N4200 processor with Intel HD 505 graphics, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and a display with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.

If you compare, the keyboard and stylus for Microsoft Surface Pro are slightly more expensive than Switch 3 with all the accessories. However, this laptop from Acer has significant drawbacks.

Acer Switch 3 Design

Simple design of 3 Black andsilver plastic looks unremarkable. The frames are not as thin as on some hybrid tablets. The gadget itself does not creak and does not crack, giving the impression of durable equipment.

Stand Acer Switch 3 can not holdscreen, which is why tabletbook is difficult to use as a working laptop. The base here is also not reliable enough - Switch 3 stably stands only on a perfectly flat surface. Surface Pro with a similar design once had such problems.

Surely the user will want to turnkeyboard back to work in tablet mode - however, the tour keys will remain active and will periodically work randomly. We have to turn off the keyboard completely, and again Switch 3 is inferior to more expensive competitors.

Connectors and ports

Acer Switch 3 has one USB Type-A port, slotfor SDXC cards, a power connector and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, for me this is not enough. For comparison, the Samsung Chromebook Pro boasts two universal USB Type-C ports.

Means and methods of input

As it should be for a hybrid tablet, Acer Switch 3 offers several input options - a touchscreen display, a stylus and a keyboard with a touchpad.

Touch Screen Switch 3 responds quickly and accuratelyon the touch of fingers and stylus. Sometimes, when opening several applications at the same time, small delays become noticeable, but this is a problem of the overall system performance.

A small touchpad is here restricting your movement,but thanks to the support of Windows Precision Touchpad, it perfectly recognizes multi-touch gestures. The Acer Switch 3's keyboard is comfortable when the laptop is flat on a flat surface - but not on the knees or at an angle.

The included stylus is almost useless. It lacks sensitivity and speed - making handwritten notes on Surface Pro or iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is much more convenient. The area for attaching the stylus is on the keyboard.

Acer Switch 3 screen

The bright and clear display has a resolution of 1920 × 1200 - just above the standard 1920 × 1080 pixels. Movies and videos look great here, the details are preserved, and the shadows are quite rich.

The contrast ratio is 640:1 is not a record figure, but at the level of much more expensive tablets. The lack of color accuracy will be noticeable only if you are professionally working with graphics. However, for this, such a processor from Pentium is not suitable.

If you compare the gadget with competitors byat a similar price, the Switch 3 has the best display - although expensive laptops show higher quality. For example, the Asus Chromebook Flip screen for $ 300 ($ 18,000) displays only 50% of NTSC color space. But the Samsung Galaxy Book justifies its high price, covering 98% of the AdobeRGB spectrum and offering a contrast ratio of 300,000: 1.

CPU and benchmark performance

Typically, lack of performancemeans that the computer encodes 4K video a little slower and shows average values ​​in tests. The new Acer Switch 3 is one of the few modern tablet laptops that doesn’t even have enough power to browse the web and launch Microsoft Word.

Intel Pentium N4200 has more in common with low-power ones.Atom processors than with the recently released Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake. Pentium N4200, despite its 4 cores, is weaker than even processors installed on some smartphones.

Switch 3 scored 1,385 points in single-core modebenchmark Geekbench and 4 502 in multi-core. For comparison, in the same test, the iPhone 7 Plus received 35 37 and 5 967 points in single and multi-core mode, respectively. The worst result was shown only by the Chromebook Flip, which scored 1,333 points in single-core mode and 3,200 points in multi-core mode.

Switch 3's sluggishness is annoying. When you try to open several tabs, the system starts to slow down, everything happens with a delay. With the encoding of the video in Handbrake, even the weakest laptops cope in 20 minutes, and only Switch 3 took about an hour.

Tablet Laptop Drive

Acer Switch 3 has a total of 64 GB of memory - the same amount as on entry-level smartphones. This is too little to install games and heavy applications, but the tablet is not intended for them.

The read speed of the Switch 3 drives is 269 MB / s and the write speed is 143 MB / s. Moving large files will take a lot of time.

Usually, manufacturers save on drive speed in order to offer a larger volume, there are problems in both parameters.

Built-in graphics card, not for gaming

Acer Switch 3 does not have a separate video card - thisworth the wait. The integrated Intel HD 505 graphics are surprisingly only at record lows. In the relatively easy 3DMark Sky Diver test, the frame rate was like a slideshow. In Civilization VI on medium settings, the frame rate was 4 frames per second.

For the sake of fairness, a Chromebook would have shown equally low gaming performance - if there was a version of the Civilization VI for Chrome OS. Both devices are completely unsuitable for gaming.

Portability and lightness

Acer’s lightweight and compact Switch 3 is comfortable to carry around. The power cable also does not take up much space. If you put the gadget in your bag, you can not be afraid - it will not turn on and open.

Portability Acer Switch 3 interferes onlybattery that is rapidly discharged. The tablet will last almost a day without recharging in case of inactivity, with reduced brightness and power saving mode on.

In the Basemark test, seriously loading the system, Switch 3 was discharged after 2.5 hours. For comparison, the Asus Chromebook Flip, Samsung Galaxy Book and Microsoft Surface Pro lasted longer than 5 hours.

Acer Switch 3 software and warranty

On Switch 3 installed at least extra tools. Only the trial version of Norton Antivirus constantly recalls the need to scan the system and purchase a license.

For a year, Acer’s standard warranty for manufacturing defects is in effect - the usual term for hybrid notebooks, regardless of their price.


Acer Switch 3 - easy and affordable tabletlaptop transformer based on Windows. But why do we need a hybrid that cannot cope with basic tasks and is inferior in performance to a smartphone? Most likely, this gadget will finally become obsolete in a year.

Possible alternative

Those who wish to get an inexpensive, reliable and stylish laptop for work, you can advise Samsung Chromebook Plus. Thanks to the durable battery, it is better suited to travel.

If you need a niche tablet betweenphone and computer, pay attention to iPad Pro 10.5. It costs more than Acer Switch 3, but it is much more powerful and offers many Apple applications.

There are also worthy analogs among hybrids onWindows based. For example, the Asus Transformer T304 has better performance, while the Samsung Galaxy Book has an excellent screen. They have a higher price, which is quite justified.

Benefits of Acer Switch 3

  • Low price
  • High build quality

Switch 3 Disadvantages

  • Inconvenient stand
  • Mediocre stylus
  • Weak processor
  • Slow drive

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