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Acer Aspire E11 laptop review – Inexpensive and compact


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  • Acer has introduced a new notebook E11.It has a small size, light weight, and good battery life. Of course, all this at a reasonable price. Until now, in the technology market, these devices, which meet all the necessary criteria, have been sold at a significant price. Acer starts the race for students' wallets. Acer Aspire E11 is a student's best friend.

    Acer Aspire E11 Notebook – Reviews Specifications Acer Aspire E11

    The Acer Aspire E11 is a mobile device with incredible graphics power, efficient cooling system and the following features:

    • Display: 11.6" 1366? 768;
    • Processor: Intel Celeron 2840 (2 cores, 2.16 GHz);
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics;
    • RAM: 2 GB (expandable up to 8 GB);
    • Hard disk: 32 GB EMMC;
    • Dimensions: 290 x 211 x 20.3 mm;
    • Weight: 1.04 kg;
    • Webcam: 0.3 MP;
    • Connectors: 1 x USB 2.0; 1 x USB 3.0; HDMI; RJ-45; Jack: 3.5mm;
    • Memory card reader;
    • Charging connector;
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n;
    • bluetooth; LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps;
    • Battery: Li-Polymer, 3-cell, 2670 mAh;
    • Operating system: Windows 8.1 (64-bit);
    • Two years of Office 365 subscription and OneDrive drive.

    As you can see, the figures are more thansatisfactory. You can expand the memory up to 8 GB. The laptop has only one memory expansion slot. The rather outdated Intel Celeron processor cannot provide good passive cooling without a cooler, as well as provide a fairly long battery life. Therefore, hard drive size can be a major issue for some users.

    It is worth noting that the package you receiveon Office 365 for two years and OneDrive, may partially help in resolving this issue. Another option that will help is connecting an external hard drive, and Acer does a great job with this problem.

    Build Quality Acer Aspire E11

    If you take Acer E11 in your hands for the first time, thenlooks like it's about to fall apart. The laptop is very light, very thin, and the materials used are not particularly impressive to the touch. The UUT is made of black plastic, but the E11 is also available in other brighter colors. The E11 is designed for maximum portability and doesn't have a lot of ports.

    On the left side you will find the SD card slot andheadphone jack, on the right - only the Kensington slot. Most of the connectors are on the back - HDMI, power jack, and two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0).

    Surprising is the presence of an Ethernet port, whichsupports Gigabit LAN and can send files at speeds up to 1000 Mbps. This is a good addition in case of visiting certain academic libraries where the twenty-first century has not arrived yet. The standard laptop is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The disappointment is the lack of a built-in 3G modem.


    Acer E11 offers a really decentkeyboard. Its system takes a little getting used to, due to the presence of some function keys, such as those found in fairly expensive laptops. The keys are at the right height and the control panel doesn't flex under pressure. The keys are full-sized, as on most devices.


    Faced with a device of this class, do notexpect excellent color reproduction. However, the panel has a more than satisfactory resolution (1366 x 768 with a screen diagonal of 11.6 "). The font is acceptable and websites look good. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are disappointing, especially vertical ones, but there are plenty of wide range adjustments.


    Aspire E11 is equipped with a pair of stereo speakers,located on the bottom of the case. They play very loudly and clearly even when playing music at full volume. The sound from the headphones is not inferior in quality to competitors. As a rule, multimedia features have a positive effect. Aspire E11 is a good choice for gamers, games run smoothly and you will enjoy. For example, Hill Climb racing runs without stuttering. Skype on a laptop is certified, which means that the program meets the requirements for proper functioning and can provide a good conversation quality.

    The camera in the E11 is only 0.3 megapixels and is enoughworks well in video conversations. In addition, the built-in microphone, although lacking active noise cancellation, provides a clear, and not very loud sound.

    Acer Aspire E11 in everyday work

    Unique elegant design, touchpad with highsensitivity, a two-year subscription to Office 365 and OneDrive is what you get with the laptop. There is no doubt about its multitasking (at least if you expand the amount of RAM to 8 GB). When using passive cooling, the laptop runs completely silently, and only the lower part of the case heats up under intense load.

    In the case of daily work, it is necessary to mentionbattery life. This is 7-8 hours of continuous work. When watching YouTube videos, battery life drops to 4-5 hours. I suspect that using normal offline mode, with only office activated, the battery will easily last about 10 hours. However, the battery life will indeed have a good result - up to 7 hours of battery life.


    Acer Aspire E11 can be bought for the price of a phone ortablet of average quality. The only viable alternative to it might be the Chromebook. But the Aspire E11 is a much more versatile device. Considering the purpose for which this laptop is designed, it is excellent for both work and play.

    Pros of the Aspire E11

    • Excellent price;
    • Annual subscription to Office and OneDrive;
    • Long battery life;
    • Good performance for work and study;
    • Comfortable keyboard.


    • Inaccurate trackpad;
    • A huge number of programs that take up 14 GB of free disk space.

    Acer Aspire E11 video trailer