According to the Ministry of Digital Development, Russia has achieved digital sovereignty

The head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Maksut Shadayev, believes that the Russian IT industry has everything necessary for development.

Foreign IT companies left the Russian market,and thus Russia has achieved digital sovereignty. According to the minister, Russian technology companies are developing, and the outflow of IT specialists has not caused irreparable damage to the industry. The state creates the necessary conditions for the development of the industry and motivates the remaining employees for development. This is facilitated by the growth of salaries and support programs for specialists. The Ministry of Digital Development aims to resolve the issue of regulating the use of foreign software in Russia by the end of the year, since, according to the minister, only 20% of software categories have mature domestic counterparts in software. It was also noted that a significant part of professional developers left the country. Earlier it was noted that about 6% of IT specialists have already left Russia, and during the year their number could grow to 25%.