AB5 JetQuad - a super powerful diesel drone (3 photos + video)

Compact modern unmanned aerial vehiclesobjects are focused on the use of environmentally friendly and compact electric motors, which imposes a number of restrictions regarding flight speed and its autonomy. FusionFlight engineers have proposed replacing propellers with jet diesel engines in AB5 JetQuad drones. The result was a UAV with a high speed comparable to the characteristics of modern racing cars.

AB5 JetQuad Design Provides Installationfour compact turbines with a total capacity of up to 200 hp Jet engine nozzles can change the direction of the jet from vertical during takeoff and landing to horizontal during flights. Drone AB5 JetQuad is positioned as the most compact flying object on a jet thrust, using vertical takeoff and landing.

The technical specifications of the AB5 JetQuad are impressive: the maximum speed of the device was 483 km / h. Using a 19 liter fuel tank, the drone will provide 30 minutes of hovering in one place, or flight for 15 minutes. The mass of the device without a fuel tank will be 23 kg, while the drone is capable of delivering 18 kg of payload. The flight ceiling reaches in theory 9000 meters.

In the open sale drone AB5 JetQuad mayappear already in 2021 at a price of 200 to 250 thousand dollars. At the same time, the developers claim that the specific energy released by diesel reactive power plants is 40 times more than the energy generated by electric motors running on lithium batteries. At the same time, refueling takes several minutes, compared with the hours needed to recharge the battery.

Source: NewAtlas