A worm robot will cleanse the vessels of the brain

Oversized surgical instruments notallow sufficiently effective operations on the vessels of the brain. A technological breakthrough in the field of brain treatment can be the development of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who proposed the use of a miniature "worm" created from polymer materials with integrated particles from a ferromagnet. The proposed device will be able to move inside the tiny vessels of the brain.

The concept developed by MIT scientists,minimizes surgical intervention in the sensitive area of ​​the human brain. Elements from a ferromagnet allow you to control the device using an ordinary magnet placed outside the human body.

Researchers are currently testingthe work of “robotic worms” on a silicone brain model filled with artificial imitation of human blood. Guided by a magnet located outside the model, the robotic worms quickly moved through miniature vessels.

Source: robotics.sciencemag