A video of creating components of Russian hypersonic missiles is presented (video)

A unique laser system capable of creating parts for Russian hypersonic missiles has been developed and is being tested at St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.

The developers presented a video in whichThe process of forming parts of rocket engines from powder metals using 3D modeling and laser technology is demonstrated. The process is fully automated using software that allows you to create parts based on a 3D model.

Raw materials for rocket engine componentsis a metal powder (stainless steel, titanium, bronze, wear-resistant cobalt-based alloys). The installation, created on the basis of the University’s Laser and Welding Technology Institute, is unique and is available only at the St. Petersburg University.

Installation performance is quite high -in one hour, the part "grows" by one and a half to two kilograms. Oversized parts are also available. The rector of the university demonstrated a piece with a diameter of 2.07 m completely "grown" on the installation of titanium.