A unique trike for ice tracks from a Russian engineer (6 photos)

Original Yondu trike (tricycle withsymmetrical rear axle) based on the Italian Hypermotard Ducati created by an enthusiast from the St. Petersburg company Balamutti Vitaly Selyukov. The tricycle created by the engineer, the design of which is inspired by futuristic devices from Star Wars, is intended for trips on ice roads.

The main specialty of Selyukov isdemonstration of the possibilities of Italian motorcycles and training in the rules of their operation. An enthusiast collected his own bike Yondu in his spare time from work. It is assumed that Balamutti Yondu may at one time enter the Baikalska Mile winter race track.

In the original design, Yondu hubs are notconnected with rotary levers and brake system and closed with polished mirror covers. The exception is the rear hub, which is painted in bright color. The seat is mounted on a small stretcher.
The Yondu engine with an initial power of 100 horsepower and a volume of 1100 cubic cm is equipped with a Garret GT35 turbocharger, which allows to develop power up to 700 hp.