A unique space complex was presented at the Digital Bridge forum (8 photos)

Presented at the Digital Bridge 2022 foruma unique experimental space module of the private company Eurasian Space Ventures (ESV). This is a ground-based experimental complex for conducting model studies of space flights and scientific experiments, which has no analogues on the Eurasian continent.

The ground experimental complex presentsis one of the compartments of the space station in which researchers will conduct experiments for an extended period of time. The operability of the module will be provided by local life support systems. Participants in research projects will work in a stable environment that is as close as possible to isolation in space.

“The purpose of creating a module is to imitate the mainfeatures of manned space flight. We studied all the needs of testers and took into account the best world practices used in work on the ISS, as well as in the projects of Nasa, Roscosmos and the European Space Agency. Now Kazakhstan can provide them and other scientific circles with a unique platform for conducting various experiments in a closed environment,” said Shukhrat Ibragimov, founder of Eurasian Space Ventures, member of the board of directors of the Eurasian Bank.

After the end of the exposure at the exhibitionsite, the module will be transferred to the national company "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" for installation on the territory of the national space center in Astana.

Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC “KAZAKSTAN GARYSH”SAPARY, the famous Kazakh cosmonaut and initiator of the creation of the module Aidyn Aimbetov said that experiments in the module will begin in the near future. According to him, in the future the Kazakh experimental complex will be able to host hundreds of scientists and open its doors to tourists who want to feel like members of a space crew.

A group of scientists and future astronauts will be sent tolong term research mission to the space module. The entire period of the experiment, the team of researchers will be tested in a confined space. This will allow to collect the necessary data on the health and behavior of the future crew members, their psychological compatibility, to identify the centers of tension within the team while they will carry out the technical tasks coming from the command post during the entire flight simulation experiment.

For reference about the technical features of the module:
Based on international experience, the ESV team wasthe optimal layout of the experimental center was developed. For organic immersion in space conditions, a stylish interior design of the modules has been created, which incorporates futurism, ergonomics of small spaces, as well as multifunctionality.

The complex is a system of 4 moduleswith a total length of 24 meters, a width of 3.5 meters and a ceiling height of 2.1 to create conditions as close to space as possible. The center package includes an engineering module with an imitation of a command post, a service module, a residential module, and a life support module.

At the command post, up to5 specialists. Workstations are equipped with touch controls and auxiliary screens that display on-board statistics. The service module in the form of a meeting room allows for collective work, communication with the station and planning for solving problems.

The residential module is equipped with everything necessary for lifeperson and is divided into 3 zones: a compact kitchen with a dining area, a bedroom in the form of bunk beds and wardrobes for personal use, as well as a bathroom and mini-toilet.

Each of the modules of the center can work autonomously, as it is directly connected to the life support module, inside which all communications are located.

The non-standard task of creating an experimentalThe center required a unique design and creation of a project from scratch based on the best world practices, starting with the construction of the frame of each of the modules. The thermal insulation in the module exceeds the standard of the urban environment by 3 times.

The modules are equipped with a supply and exhaust system,heating and air conditioning systems, climate control, as well as fire alarms and emergency exits. All conditions for the safety of human life are met.

All modules are equipped with sound accompaniment, andas well as smart lighting with the possibility of implementing various stay scenarios. Thanks to the smart automation system, there is the possibility of voice control to send commands to all modules and control its parts, as well as the ability to develop and adjust various scenarios.