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A “time capsule” was discovered in Israel - what is hidden in a 3300-year-old cave?

In Israel, archaeologists have reported an amazingdiscovery - a cave was discovered, which was sealed by ancient people 3300 years ago. What is most surprising, she was near the beach south of Tel Aviv. That is, all this time the cave was in front of people, but the last time a person visited it was more than three millennia ago. It was found quite by accident when an excavator in Palmachim Beach National Park broke through its roof with a bucket, and workers saw the cavity. Archaeologists were immediately called to the site, who carefully studied the find. According to them, there was an impression that this cave was “frozen in time”. But what did the ancient people hide in it and what was it used for at all? Despite the fact that the find is quite recent, the answers to these questions already exist.

Scientists discover pristine cave with 3,300-year-old artifacts

The mysterious find of archaeologists - what is stored in the cave

Once inside the cave, scientists found in itceramic and bronze items, many of which are associated with funeral rituals. Among them were many ceramic bowls of various shapes and sizes, jugs, oil lamps, amphorae and other artifacts.

Interestingly, not all products had a localorigin. Some vessels were made in Cyprus, Lebanon and Syria. This was reported by Eli Yannai, an archaeologist from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). It must be said that Ramses II, during whose reign the cave belongs, achieved stability in his kingdom. He was even able to defeat the pirates who robbed the Mediterranean ships. Therefore, the presence of foreign artifacts in the cave is not surprising, since trade during this period of time in Egypt really flourished.

Numerous pottery and bronze artifacts were found in the cave.

In the near future, researchers want to study allorganic remains in the vessels to find out what they had inside at the time when the ancient people sealed the cave. In addition, the artifacts themselves require more thorough research.

In addition to ceramics, archaeologists have found small vesselsfor jewelry, as well as bronze arrowheads and spears. In general, according to the IAA staff, the cave resembles the scenery for the movie "Indiana Jones".

“A discovery like this happens once in a lifetime,” says archaeologist Eli Yannai.

What was the cave with ancient artifacts used for?

As we said above, the cave was used induring the reign of Ramesses II, who is also called Ramses. He ruled from 1279 to 1213 BC. The Egyptian empire at that moment was wiped from modern Sudan to Syria. It must be said that by this time the Ancient Egyptian civilization had already existed for several millennia. It is she who is considered the most ancient, about which you can read more about it here.

As it is not difficult to guess, similar caves in thosetimes used for burials. Obviously, this cave was also a burial place, and was not used as a warehouse with goods. Otherwise, it would hardly have survived untouched for thousands of years. True, from the statement of the IAA employees it is not clear whether human remains were found in it. If they are not, then the find raises many questions.

The cave was used by ancient people during the reign of Ramses II

Since the cave was not plundered, but itsinventory is kept here since the late Bronze Age, it can give a complete picture of the burial customs in ancient Egypt during the time of Ramses II. The presence of weapons next to other artifacts suggests that warriors could be buried in the cave.

However, in order to draw final conclusions,scientists need to dig. According to Eli Yannai, the news about the discovery of the "time capsule" quickly spread among the scientific community, and now many scientists have expressed a desire to participate in the study. Therefore, apparently, the answers will not have to wait long.

The cave may have been used for burials, not as a warehouse

Cave from the time of Ramses II was plundered after millennia

The saddest part of this whole story is thatthe cave, which had kept artifacts for millennia, was partially looted after it was discovered by workers. And she even had security guards assigned to her. But this did not prevent some items from disappearing before the cave was visited by archaeologists. Therefore, an investigation is currently underway.

IAA employees are very hopeful to return the stolenitems. They warn that the consequences of the theft of antiquities in Israel are serious, “even if you don’t care about the ancient curses that have been building up their power all this time.” But what kind of artifacts were stolen from the cave, one can only guess. Perhaps the jewelry jars weren't empty?

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In any case, the cave turned out to be sensational.It is possible that after a detailed study, scientists will share even more interesting facts about her. In the meantime, we offer you to get acquainted with no less interesting archaeological finds, which to this day have not been explained.