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A test has been created that suggests a suitable antibiotic to treat the disease.

Generally, treatment caused by pathogensbacteria infectious diseases takes quite a long time. First, doctors need to take blood or urine tests from the patient, and then check which microorganisms caused the disease. Only after this, the attending physician can prescribe antibiotics that should help, but most often people are prescribed broad-spectrum drugs. They are not as effective as agents targeted at specific bacteria, and also negatively affect the body's ability to withstand bacteria in the future. It would be cool if doctors had at their disposal an inexpensive test that can quickly detect the presence of bacteria in blood or urine tests of a person and show which antibiotic will accelerate treatment. And such a test already exists and was created by the staff of the University of Southampton (England).

Broad-spectrum antibiotics are ineffective against some diseases

About the unusual test developed by the Britishby scientists, was told in the scientific publication New Atlas. It consists of three layers, each of which has its own purpose. The top layer is visually divided into four parts, each of which is saturated with four commonly used types of antibiotics. The middle layer is liquid absorbent paper. The lower layer, in turn, consists of a gel with favorable conditions for the growth and development of bacteria. The entire test is sealed in a plastic case, which protects it from external influences.

Did you know that in scientific literature and documents instead of the term "Antibiotics" commonly used phrase "Antimicrobial agents"?

How to choose an effective antibiotic?

According to the researchers, use the createdim test is very simple. Patient analyzes are absorbed into the middle layer of the test, which is placed in a container. If there are pathogenic bacteria in the liquid, they begin to multiply actively under the influence of the gel from the lower layer. Then they begin to come into contact with the top layer, on which four different antibiotics are applied. Over time, the material begins to turn blue, but one of the four parts of the top layer remains clean. This means that the antibiotic from this part kills the bacteria detected in the analyzes well, and this remedy must be used to treat the patient.

The photo shows a simplified version of the test with one antibiotic, not four. In the middle, the layer is not colored blue, which means that the antibiotic is suitable for the treatment of the disease

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To test the effectiveness of the test, scientistssoaked the middle layer with artificial urine with E. coli bacteria. As they expected, the test showed the most effective antibiotic against this type of bacteria. In general, the accuracy of the developed method was no lower than that of standard methods for selecting antibiotics. But the advantage of the new method is that such tests are inexpensive, easy to use and produce faster results.

This photo shows the full test with four antibiotics.

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Thanks to the new medical invention,the study of patient analyzes can accelerate markedly. It will be possible to start treatment a few days earlier, and without the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, the dangers of which were mentioned at the beginning of the article. In addition, a new test can reduce the number of cases when doctors mistakenly prescribe antibiotics to patients, although they do not need them. In the long run, this medical innovation can reduce the rate at which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.