A technique has been developed for the conversion of carbon dioxide to coal.

Carbon sequestration is a process involvingextraction of harmful CO2 (greenhouse gas) with subsequent long-term storage. According to the new method, it will be possible to reliably and safely release greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Previous methods of converting CO2 into a solid composition required the use of extremely high temperatures. And financially were very unprofitable.

A new approach, scientists have based on the unity of liquidelectrolyte and liquid metal catalyst. This mixture, using discharges of electric current, dissolves carbon dioxide. Carbon solid flakes are formed from CO2. They, in turn, can be buried underground, preventing the return of gas to the atmosphere.

Time is not subject to reversal. However, the conversion of carbon dioxide into coal with its burial underground like this rewind. After all, this activates the reverse process.

Scientists must further investigateprocesses. However, they have already made a serious first step towards a reliable carbon storage method. Over time, it can help us save the Earth from a global catastrophe.

Source: Slashgear