A swimmer found a 900-year-old sword of a medieval knight in Israel

During one of his dives, an amateurscuba diving Shlomi Katzin discovered a long sword about 900 years old. Ancient weapons that survived from the time of the Crusades were completely covered by sea creatures. The man told about his find to people from the Israel Antiquities Authority, and they pledged to cleanse the artifact of all unnecessary and find out exactly who it belonged to. Whoever its owner is, the sword clearly has a very interesting fate. The researchers recalled that since the 11th century, the Roman Catholic Church has sent thousands of crusaders to the Middle East. The main task of the medieval warriors was to return the sacred places for Christians, which, for a number of reasons, were under the influence of Muslims. Scientists are already sure that the weapon belonged to one of the crusaders - one interesting detail of the find hints at this.

One of the archaeologists with a 900-year-old sword in his hand

Archaeological find in Israel

About the archaeological find that was madean ordinary scuba diving enthusiast, said one of the contributors to the online magazine Smithsonian. The man's name is Shlomi Katzin and he lives in the Israeli city of Atlit. For a long time, he dived near his home, on the coast of Mount Carmel. One day he was very lucky, because he noticed a sword covered with shells and other sea inhabitants at the bottom. In addition to ancient weapons, he found fragments of pottery, as well as stone and metal anchors.

Shlomi Katzin and the sword he found

Artifacts from the time of the crusades

He informed the representatives of his findIsrael Antiquities Authority. Experts examined the weapon and estimated its age at 900 years. It is believed that around that time there were military campaigns from Western Europe against Muslims and other peoples. Despite the fact that warriors from both sides used similar types of weapons, the owner of the 1.2 meter long sword was probably one of the crusaders. The fact is that the weapon was found about 200 meters from the coast. Scientists know for sure that only European troops moved on the water, and Israeli soldiers only built fortifications along the coast. The sword must have been lost during one of the battles. It is possible that somewhere nearby lie the remains of an ancient ship, because dishes were found next to the sword.

Antique sword on the seabed

But the likelihood of finding the rest of the artifactsvery small. Most likely, this find is just a fluke. Most of the artifacts caught in the water remained deep underground, because the sand quickly buries them during storms. But sometimes natural phenomena expose some areas of the seabed and ancient objects become much easier to find. Specialists from the Israel Antiquities Authority noted that recently, many diving enthusiasts have begun to gather in the waters near Mount Carmel. This may be due to their desire to find antiques and gain fame.

Shell-encrusted sword hilt

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A sword that has been preserved in perfect condition,is a beautiful and rare find and apparently belonged to a crusader knight. It was found to be covered in marine organisms, but appears to be made of iron. It's nice to meet such a personal object that takes us 900 years ago, to another era, with knights, armor and swords, ”said Nir Distelfeld, inspector of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The researchers noted that they want to clear the shell of the sword and study it in more detail. There is no doubt that it is made of iron. But it would be even cooler to find that the weapon has passed inlay - this is the name of the technique of decorating objectsby combining materials that differ in color and texture. Thanks to the patterns, archaeologists could learn much more about the owner of the sword than he was a crusader. For example, by drawing it is quite possible to find out his place of birth or military position. After cleaning and studying, the sword will be displayed in one of the Israeli museums.

A report on the archaeological discovery from The Guardian

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This is far from the first time that an ordinaryman found an ancient sword. At the end of 2020, I talked about how an amateur archaeologist Mariusz Stepien found a sword in a scabbard decorated with straps in Scotland. Details about this amazing story can be found on our website.