A strong wind destroyed the "starship" Ilona Mask (4 photos + 2 video)

Strong wind that raged aroundSpaceX Spaceport in Texas, seriously damaged the prototype of the Starship carrier rocket. The device has lost the head part. So his testing will have to be postponed.

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In social networks there were videos and photos from the siteaccidents After that, Ilon Musk confirmed that the fairing had flown. Reason: the mounting blocks could not cope with the pressure of the wind, blowing with a speed of 80 km / h. The lower section with the fuel tank and 3 Raptor engines did not seriously hurt. As assured the head of SpaceX, repair will take several weeks.

But literally at the beginning of the month, he wrote thatThe launch of testing the prototype Stargazer is scheduled for the next 4 weeks. However, with the proviso that unforeseen situations can increase this period to 8 weeks. There were no misfires in this part of the forecast. Although SpaceX is not the first time to shift plans due to bad weather.

The current Starship model is being developed fortest flights at low altitude. Orbital analogue will be higher. It will be provided with 7 engines, a more durable stainless steel case and portholes for review. The first flight of space tourists on board is scheduled for the year 2023.