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A stray dog ​​was a representative of an endangered animal species

In the article about the mass extinction of koalas wementioned that one of the critically endangered animals is the Australian dingo dog. They live mainly in Australia and in some regions there really are very few. Conservationists are struggling to restore their population and recently they have a chance to revive one of the rarest species of these wild dogs. The fact is that a woman who recently found a very unusual puppy in the backyard of her house recently turned to a local veterinary clinic. It turned out that this is not an ordinary cur at all, but a cub of the dying subspecies dingo, which can become a savior of a kind.

The found dog was named Wandi

About what happened in the Australian state of VictoriaThe Washington Post told the story. Once a woman, whose name is not indicated in the article, found a whining puppy of a red color near her house. On the body of the animal there were several scratches, presumably left by some kind of bird of prey. Perhaps the puppy was caught by a large eagle, but was dropped directly into the backyard of the Australian. Taking the puppy to the local veterinary clinic, the woman learned a lot of interesting things about him.

Wandy was not an ordinary dog, but a rare subspecies of dingo

The rarest type of dog

Apparently, the clinic staff immediatelythere was a suspicion that they faced a rare subspecies of the dingo dog. After analyzing the DNA and waiting for its results, they confirmed their assumption - the woman found not a mutton, but a purebred alpine dingo. Today it is extremely difficult to find a purebred Australian dog, because almost all of them are the result of crossbreeding with other dog breeds. So about 80% of the dingos currently living are carriers of the genes of domestic dogs.

Dingo dogs were introduced to Australia about 40,000-50,000 years ago.

In principle, crossbreeding is one ofThe main causes of extinction of purebred animals. However, do not forget about poaching - in Asian countries people eat dingo meat in the same way as meat of ordinary dogs. Wildlife populations are also affected by deforestation and agriculture, because they lose their natural habitat due to human activities. One can only hope that humanity will change its mind and be able to prevent the extinction of animals.

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The found dingo dog was given the name Wandi. Of course, he did not stay with a resident - he was sent to a nursery called the Australian Dingo Foundation. Since the dog is purebred and can help maintain its appearance in pristine condition, the kennel's employees hope to include it in the dingo breeding program.

By the way, the Wandi dog now even has his own instagram - @wandi_dingo

Do not forget that the world also hasmany other animals that have almost disappeared from the face of our planet. For example, did you know that even the well-known cheetahs are on the verge of extinction today? According to 2016 data, there are only 7,100 individuals of these wild cats in the world. The main reason for the decrease in their population is the lack of space for reproduction - people have taken up so much space that for animals it is almost gone.