A special camera showed how birds navigate tree foliage.

Have you ever wondered how the birdsmanage to live and raise chicks in the dense foliage of tall trees? Most of them, like people, perfectly distinguish red, green and blue colors, but in their vision there is one feature that allows them to easily navigate the vegetation. To show exactly how birds perceive their primary habitat, a professor at Lund University, Dan-Eric Nilsson, armed himself with a special camera and took a very curious photo.

It shows the main feature of the visualbird perceptions - unlike people, besides colors, they distinguish the ultraviolet spectrum of light. The photograph shows that due to the additional spectrum, the birds see a more contrasting picture: the leaves in the foreground appear light, and in the background - darker. Due to this, birds create a more volumetric image, which allows them to easily navigate the treetops.

To take such a photo, the professor and hisAssistants used a multispectral camera with a range of optical filters. They are mounted on a special wheel rotating near the lens - in this way, the vision systems of various animals can be imitated. The authors of the study used four filters imitating photoreceptors found in the retina of some birds.

According to Professor Nilsson, people and animalsas if living in different realities. People often see a flat picture, while animals are able to look much deeper. Devices such as a multispectral camera with lenses can tell a lot about the animal world.

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