A small device can reduce the number of deaths on motorcycles

Car manufacturers are actively equipping themmodern security systems that can save the lives of both the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, such protection technologies very slowly reach motorcycles, and this is taking into account the fact that the number of fatal accidents with them is extremely high. The Taiwanese company Senzar is trying to somehow fix the situation - it presented a kit that equips a motorcycle with a radar to alert a person about approaching cars, a collision with which can cost life.

The main component of the device that performsradar function, attached to the license plate holder. The device covers 9 meters of area on both sides of the motorcycle - this is more than enough to see cars moving in other lanes. The essence of the technology is that when a motorcyclist wants to change the lane in the presence of a vehicle moving behind, the device will notify him of a possible danger.

Two indicators are used for notification: visual and tactile. The first is a light bulb on the rear-view mirror, which starts blinking at danger. The second is embedded in the seat, and in the case of approaching cars begins to vibrate. Similar technologies are used in cars, and finally reached the motorcycle.

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It is important for manufacturers to deal with safety.two-wheeled transport. Technologies really slowly reach motorcycles - analogs of airbags and anti-lock systems reached them only after about ten years. Very soon, this question may arise as never before, because motorcycles are already learning to fly in the air, and video with Moto Volante is a direct proof of this.

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