A single camera for smartphones with 8x zoom is being developed

In the near future for smartphones may beA simple but high-tech single camera has been released, allowing you to perform high-quality photography with 8x zoom. The work is carried out by Yaguang Electronics (Taiwan).

Modern smartphone developers have taken the pathincrease the number of modules for cameras in smartphones. It uses ToF modules that can calculate the exact distance to the object, and also uses optical zoom. So the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro, with a periscope camera, received 5x optical zoom.

In multi-sensor cameras in whichthree or even four modules are installed; functions that were previously inaccessible to cameras with one sensor appear. However, such innovations lead, on the one hand, to a rise in the cost of devices, and on the other hand, the internal volume allocated to the camera increases.

Taiwanese company Yaguang Electronics has acceptedthe decision to develop a single camera of the periscopic type, allowing to realize 6 or 8 times optical zoom. The new camera will be created on the basis of an aspherical glass lens, which can perform the functions of auxiliary tele - or ToF modules. The company assures that the new single camera will perfectly cope with both night and portrait shooting thanks to the use of HDR algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Currently, a new lens is under development, and its serial production is planned at best at the end of 2020 - the beginning of 2021.