A simple medical examination saved the lives of millions of women.

Breast cancer is considered one of the mostcommon types of dangerous disease. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, he is no longer a death sentence. Scientists have not yet come up with the most effective method of treatment, but medicine has an old and effective way to diagnose the disease early. It was he, judging by recent statistics, since 1989 he has saved about half a million women from death.

This method of diagnosis is calledmammography. It was invented in the 1960s and implies an x-ray to detect malignant tumors. The study is recommended to be held annually for all women over 40 years old. Statistics show that this technology has led to a decrease in the number of deaths among adult women.

The researchers analyzed the indicatorsbreast cancer mortality among women aged 40 to 84 over the past three decades. The technology became prevalent in 1989, and has since helped prevent from 384,000 to 614,500 deaths. Moreover, the effectiveness of the method continues to grow - in 2018, from 27,083 to 45,626 women were saved from breast cancer, which reduced the expected mortality rate by 45-58%.

Despite such positive results,mammography there is a big minus. It is known that she is often mistaken and gives a positive diagnosis even to healthy women. Because of this, there is a risk that they will be prescribed treatment that they do not need. In the meantime, women who really need help may not get it.

According to radiologist Edward Hendrick, the main thingwhat they wanted to show by analyzing statistics is the importance of annual mammography. Revealing and timely treatment can really save a life. If desired, predisposition to breast cancer can be detected even before the onset of the disease - such a technology, for example, was presented at the beginning of 2019 by a group from the University of Cambridge.

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