A service has been created to communicate with dead people. Expensive (video)

The Korean company DeepBrain showed at the exhibitionCES 2023 technology called re;memory. It allows you to create a virtual person, a double of a dying person, so that his loved ones can “communicate” with him.

Business development manager Joseph Murphy acknowledged the service was controversial. “Some people like the opportunity to live forever in this way, but many people find it unreliable,” he said.

Murphy suggested that re;memory is bestsuitable for people with terminal illnesses, such as cancer, who may spend several hours in front of the camera so that the program can study their behaviors and collect voice data. Patients are also encouraged to keep journals about their lives, including childhood memories, which will be stored in the system.

Then family members can visit the company's studio,to talk to an exact copy of a loved one after his death. It is expected that creating a virtual person will cost between £10,000 and £20,000, and then you will need to pay £1,000 each time you want to “hang out” with the digital twin.