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A selection of the 10 best Telegram channels worth subscribing to in the past year

The end of the year is a great time to visitorder. And you can start with your favorite messenger. Surely there are many channels in it that you have not visited for a long time, and there is no more desire to view them. So why are they on the list at all? You can safely replace them with publics that will be really useful and interesting for you. You won’t have to look for them for a long time, since we have already taken care of everything and have prepared an excellent selection. It includes channels on a wide variety of topics, but they all have in common that they offer great content. Therefore, we recommend that you view these channels and, of course, subscribe so as not to lose. After all, you will definitely want to visit them again.

A selection of useful and interesting Telegram channels that deserve your attention


  • 1 De facto | Enlightenment, history
  • 2 The era of the 90s
  • 3 Tesla holster
  • 4 Secrets of Space
  • 5 Ali Baba Chest
  • 6 Athlete
  • 7 Red&White
  • 8 Karamba!
  • 9 Let's build our house
  • 10 Clean house
  • 11 Bonus from Hi-News

De facto | Enlightenment, history

Great educational channelhistorical events and facts that few people know about. Thanks to him, you will expand your knowledge and always be able to show off your erudition in the team. But most importantly, this channel is a great solution to spend time in an interesting and useful way.

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Here, for example, is an interesting story about how laughing gas was used in medicine and brought a person to suicide. Thus was born anesthesiology, without which modern medicine is unthinkable.

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The era of the 90s

This channel, one might say, is also dedicated to history,only modern, which many of you remember well. And if you forgot, then just a little bit, but with the “Era of the 90s” channel, pictures will surely begin to pop up in front of your eyes, as if it all happened just yesterday. In a word, a warm tube channel for those who like to be nostalgic.

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Here are captured moments from the life of ordinary people,as well as many photos of artists, politicians, etc. popular at that time. Therefore, those who know firsthand about the 90s will surely stay here for a long time.

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Tesla holster

No matter how interesting the story is, don'tdwell on the past, because the future is even more interesting. And it has already arrived. Doubt? Then go to the Tesla Holster channel, where robots, flying cars, artificial intelligence and much more await you, which until recently could only be seen in science fiction films. This is perhaps the best channel dedicated to modern technology, science and technology.

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Remember the sneakers in Back to the Future?At the time, they seemed like something really fantastic. However, modern high-tech sneakers have surpassed them, because they can not only tie shoelaces.

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Secrets of the Cosmos

It is unlikely that space can leave someone indifferent.However, very little can be seen through a telescope, which we talked about not so long ago. Therefore, if you want to see space in good quality and learn many secrets, it is easier to do this with a channel like “Secrets of Space”.

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And here you will find various historical facts related to space. Did you know, for example, that the dwarf planet Ceres was discovered at the very beginning of the 19th century?

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Ali Baba's Chest

Let's move on from science to more pressing topics.Not far off is the New Year and other winter holidays, that is, it's time for gifts. In order not to puzzle over what to give your loved ones at the very last moment, go to the channel “Ali Baba's Chest | Topchik from Aliexpress”. Here you will find the best products from the famous site, and be sure to pick up worthy gifts that will not ruin you.

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For example, a thermal mug is a great option. She will not only keep drinks warm for a long time, but she can mix them herself. Everyone is pleased to receive such a gift.

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Channel dedicated to health and sports.Surprisingly, it is not only useful, but also interesting. In addition to various exercises and tips, there is humor, various interesting facts and much more. Therefore, even if you are not a sports fan, you should look through it.

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And of course, exercises, where without them.The channel gives various recommendations on sports for both men and women. Here are some exercises that girls can do right on the bed.

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Red & White

It's the middle of December, which means it's timestock up on good recipes. The “Red&White” channel will help with this. There are many recipes for excellent cocktails here that will make the New Year's table brighter and more memorable. There are also many recipes with pastries and various dishes.

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Here, for example, is an unusual dish made from the most common ingredients, just the way you like it. We can’t say yet what will come of it, but it looks very appetizing.

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A little humor to cheer you up on a cold, cloudy day never hurts anyone. On the channel "Awesome Jokes" you will definitely find something to laugh at, because there are so many situations from life.

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Here you will find humor, memes, jokes and everything else that cheers you up. You can come in and see for yourself.

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Let's build our house

Another useful channel, which for suremen will like it. Here are tips for do-it-yourself repairs, construction, the use of various tools, etc. And of course, life hacks that will make your life a little easier.

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For example, what do you usually do with plastic drink bottles? Are you just throwing away? Then see how many useful things you can do with them. It turns out that they are indispensable in the economy.

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Clean house

A channel that will help bring comfort and order tohome. As you might guess, it is primarily aimed at a female audience. But unlike most other similar channels, there are not only life hacks here, but also a lot of other useful information.

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For example, here are some helpful health tips. So the authors of the channel recommend drinking water with lemon juice. What for? Obviously, this really makes sense.

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Bonus from Hi-News

Finally, another channel that we recommendfor you to subscribe - this, of course, is Hi-News. Here we post the most interesting materials, as well as humor, news and much more. We also invite you to our chat where you can discuss the latest materials published on the site, ask questions or just chat.