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A selection of Telegram channels - the most interesting and useful publics

It's time to update the list of Telegram channels, onwhich you have previously subscribed. Indeed, among them there are probably those that you have not visited for a long time. Or maybe you just want to get more interesting and varied information? In this case, our selection is prepared especially for you. Each channel we carefully selected and evaluated its content. Frankly, lately it has become more and more difficult to find really good publics that are not overflowing with advertising or do not copy a lot of other similar channels. However, we still managed to select 10 successful options for you. As always, the topics are very different, nevertheless, they all deserve your attention.

A selection of Telegram channels that will not leave you indifferent


  • 1 LaughDrome
  • 2 Movie Hit | Movies and Series
  • 3 Tesla holster
  • 4 Explore
  • 5 USSR Cache
  • 6 Ali Baba Chest | Topchik from Aliexpress
  • 7 Pokashevarim
  • 9 magazine
  • 10 Khrushchev-new life
  • 11 Bonus from Hi-News


As usual, let's start our selection with humor.If you like life jokes and jokes, then you should go to SmekhoDrom. Here they make fun of situations that you are probably familiar with. Yes, they are generally familiar to everyone, because this is “zhiza”.

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You should always have such channels in your arsenal, because they cheer up and relieve stress. They say that laughter prolongs life, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

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Movie Hit | Movies and Series

Another channel for entertainment.As you might guess by the name, it is intended for movie lovers. Here you will find descriptions and trailers for the latest and most popular films. Therefore, with the Kino-Hit channel, you will definitely find a good movie to pass the evening with friends or family.

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John Wick 4 is one of the most sensational films in recent months. If you like thrilling action games and you like Keanu Reeves' acting, then you should definitely watch this movie.

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Tesla holster

The best channel about technology, engineering, science andhigh technologies. By subscribing to it, you will be aware of the latest inventions and how our lives will change in the near future. Humanoid and four-legged robots, flying cars, neural networks - all this will very soon come into our everyday life just as PCs, the Internet and smartphones did in their time.

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In fact, modern technologyare changing our lives right now. What is only outdoor 3D advertising. Yes, it is still a novelty, and you can meet it only in some separate foreign megacities. But not much time will pass, and it will decorate the streets and our cities.

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Channel for curious people.Here are collected interesting and little-known facts about everything in the world. Maybe even something you've never thought about. However, many of them may be useful to you.

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For example, did you know that China does notjust to take gifts? Before doing this, you need several times. refuse. And only after the giver insists, the gift can be taken.

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Cache of the USSR

If you lived under the USSR, this channel is a must.will make you feel nostalgic, no matter how you feel about it. And if you didn’t catch the Soviet Union, and you know about it only by hearsay, then it’s time to see with your own eyes how it was.

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How to display the spirit of the USSR in one photo? Yes, here it is!A string bag, a bottle of milk, processed cheese, sprat, a glass of tea in a glass holder and, of course, a Soviet newspaper on the table. An ingenious still life, but only those who caught this time will be able to understand it.

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Ali Baba's Chest | Top with Aliexpress

This channel is not entertainment or eveninformative, but highly recommended in our own list of channels. Here you will find a huge number of useful products from Aliexpress. Moreover, all of them are checked by the authors of the channel or selected based on reviews, moreover, real users, not bots. In addition, you can purchase many products at discounted prices.

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For example, here is a great polishing machine forcar, which will return the gloss to the paintwork and eliminate minor scratches. But it will be useful not only to car owners. With the same success, you can polish any other surface with paint and varnish coatings.

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Let's cook

Great channel with simple and affordable recipes.You will find a lot of dishes for every day and for the table for the holiday. In particular, there are many recipes for all kinds of salads, soups, pastries, etc. Everything as you like!

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Here, for example, is an interesting salad for dinner. If you suddenly want to cook something new, we recommend starting with it. It not only tastes good, but also looks appetizing.

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The channel is intended for animal lovers.If you're one of those people, be sure to check it out. It contains interesting information and facts about our four-legged brothers (as well as birds, waterfowl, etc.), facts, funny videos and much more.

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Have you ever seen a penguin ridesnow on your stomach? The thing is that they do not like to walk, because they fail. Rolling is always more pleasant, and you can also have a bite to eat along the way, like this penguin and video.

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Magazine for motorists, with which you will always be aware of what is happening in the world of cars, as well as useful information for drivers or those who are just about to become a driver.

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Here is what the future Moskvich 6 will look like.Many now reproach Moskvich for being a Chinese car that comes out under a Russian brand. But after all, the Soviet “Moskvichs” were also copies of foreign cars, like many other Soviet cars, as we talked about earlier. The only difference is that the plant used to copy European cars.

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Khrushchev-new life

If you live in Khrushchev and are going to dorepair, then you need to look at this channel. Here are excellent examples of how you can decorate a Khrushchev apartment. And there are many more tips on choosing furniture, building materials, decorating rooms, etc. In general, this information will not be superfluous to you.

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For example, if you like bright headsets, don'tworth giving up. The main thing is to observe the measure, as in fact, in everything else. But if you want to visually enlarge the space, then you should still give preference to light colors.

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Bonus from Hi-News

And finally, another channel to which you simplyare required to subscribe, because it is not in vain that we collect information on it for you. Yes, we are talking about rfyfkt Hi-News. We also invite you to our chat, where you can ask us questions or just chat with other readers.