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A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of cancer

According to a scientific paper published June 16 inThe magazine of the National Cancer Research Institute in the USA, people who don't pay enough attention to physical activity or don't do sports at all increase their risk of developing cancer.

catScientists came to this result aftera meta-analysis of 43 other scientific studies that compared the physical indicators of those people who are used to leading a so-called sedentary lifestyle and, conversely, active. So, those who are used to a sedentary lifestyle, there was an increased risk of developing colon and lung cancer.

The EurekAlert portal reports that, in the opinionscientists, in general, the lack of physical activity increases the risk of developing colon and lung cancer by about 8 and 10 percent, respectively. Interestingly, even with physical activity, but in insufficient volume, women are at about 10 percent increased risk of developing endometrial cancer, that is, one that affects the uterus.
Commenting on the data of this study, experts say:

"A sedentary lifestyle has a negativeimpact on the risk and development of cancer, even among physically active people, who may be limited in time and not spend enough on exercise. Timely physical activity can be to some extent a preventive measure against the development of this disease. ”

In other words, scientists want to say that the more people exercise, the more likely they are to reduce the risk of cancer.

It should also be noted that previousstudies suggest that physically inactive people also increase the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and, of course, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Go in for sports, people.