A Russian scientist will repeat the experience of a colleague from China and edit the human genome (3 photos)

Invasion of a person’s gene code is controversial.a problem that has its supporters and opponents. Specialists who study the human gene set open up ample opportunities for overcoming numerous incurable diseases. So a famous geneticist from China, He Jiankui, without permission, changed the genome of children, making their bodies immune to the deadly HIV.

Biologist Denis Vladimirovich Rebrikov from RussiaNational Research Medical University named after NI Pirogov developed a methodology for changing human genes to overcome congenital deafness. Such a problem usually haunts families in which both parents lack hearing. In these unions, there is an extremely high probability of the birth of deaf children.

For the experiment, the doctor selected fivecouples who voluntarily agree on genome editing. However, given the ambiguous attitude towards such experiments, both among physicians and from the public, Rebrikov wants to get the approval of officials to conduct experiments to correct genes.

It is noteworthy that the experiment will take place inopen mode, and all results will be available to the scientific community. If successful, the doctor will perform a miracle and open up the opportunity for the full development of the children doomed by nature to complete silence.