A rotating station with artificial gravity will be erected in orbit (6 photos)

How to use centrifugal force,to create artificial gravity in space, scientists thought more than a hundred years ago. Now a group of engineers decided to use it on a rotating space station.

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For the first time such an idea was voiced by Konstantin.Tsiolkovsky, and developed further von Braun. The space object is similar in appearance to the Ferris wheel. When it rotates, the centrifugal force and inertia create something like artificial gravity, attracting all the objects to the outer contour of the flying object.

To realize the idea decided to private companyGateway Foundation. Here they want to create a structure with knitting needles and a hub, not too different from the orbital ferris wheel with a diameter of 500 meters. Group "residential modules" will be placed on the outer rim. They will be connected by special transport elevators, which will lead to the center and evacuation vehicles. For the delivery of things and people from the middle of the station will be responsible 4 elevators. In the same place will place also parking dock for terrestrial space shuttles.

The station is planned to be built in orbit, sections andmodules delivered from the surface of the earth. In space, they will be assembled by robots or builders. Already planned for the sale of plots on the ring external modules to private space companies, space agencies and individuals. It turns out something like hotels or villas for space tourists. They want to finance this station at the expense of the lottery, planning to raise about 300 billion dollars a year. The prize draw will be living at the station.