A robot from Lego assembled a large Rubik's cube in half an hour

The fact that someone somewhere broke the record assemblyRubik's cube, there is nothing interesting. Even that the robot did it, too. Engineers are constantly creating new robots that can cope faster, better and more efficiently with the assembly of the usual Rubik's Cube. But the record for assembling a large Rubik's cube is more interesting. The robot record holder also consists of cubes.

The robot is called MultiCuber 999, it is made fromdetails of the designer Lego Mindstorm, and yet this nice kid is able to assemble a Rubik's cube 9x9x9 in just half an hour. It is quite difficult for an ordinary person to deal with a standard 3x3x3 cube, but this guy doesn’t bother at all with a more complex version! Well, he definitely deserved a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Of all the cubes that robots took to build, this one is the biggest!

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An ordinary smartphone helps the robot to see and thinkrunning the Android operating system, under which was written a program that allows the collector to identify colors and calculate the possible combinations needed to successfully solve the puzzle. The same program activates the moving parts of the robot, with which it collects the cube.