A render of an iPhone without "bangs" with a front-facing camera in the hole of the screen appeared on the network

Insiders are actively discussing the design andtechnical characteristics of future smartphones from Apple. One of the most significant changes in the design of the new generation iPhone, according to analysts, may be the abandonment of the proprietary "bangs" and the installation of the front camera in the hole-shaped cutout.

A render of the future iPhone13 is presented on the Internet,which shows what an Apple smartphone without bangs might look like with a front-facing camera positioned in the center of the top of the display in a circular hole. As a result, the new iPhone will have completely identical frames on all four sides.

Meanwhile, the rejection of the "bangs" raises the questionusing Face ID. According to insiders, Apple offers two options for solving the problem: use a sub-screen sensor, similar to the fingerprint sensors already used in smartphones, and completely abandon Face ID face recognition.

Replacing Face ID with a fingerprint sensor canalso be dictated by the new operating conditions of smartphones in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, when face recognition is hampered by the use of protective masks.

Another significant change in the design of new Apple smartphones may be the complete rejection of the Lightning physical charging interface in favor of MagSafe wireless technology.

Source: mydrivers