A rare prototype of the first watches Apple plans to sell for an impressive price (4 photos)

Modern gadgets are already developing a fewdecades, rapidly replacing one model after another. The abundance of offers and the rapid replacement of devices has given rise to the profession of collectors of prototypes of various gadgets. Among such enthusiasts is Giulio Zompetti, a 27-year-old young man living in Northern Italy who recently acquired 6 early prototypes of the Apple Watch. In the future, he plans to repair and sell Apple smart watches for thousands of dollars. Non-working prototypes, according to Zompetti, were found in factories for the disposal of electronic gadgets.

Interestingly, the network has not previously appearedimages of the predecessors of the first model of smart watches from Apple. On some prototypes now owned by Zompetti, you can see the rare Star Wars logo from Star Wars, previously installed on iPhone prototypes. The authenticity of the watch is confirmed by QR codes and serial numbers.

Market of rare items generatedhigh-tech companies are becoming more saturated every year. So recently it was planned to hold an auction to sell a unique prototype of the Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM console, which was the result of the work of engineers from Sony and Nintendo. In February 2020, the starting price of the console, in working condition, was 350 thousand dollars.

Source: vice