A proto-sword similar to the Jedi swords from Star Wars was created (2 photos + video)

One of the brightest elements of the space epicStar Wars is a Jedi lightsaber with incredible power. According to the history of the world created by the scriptwriters, a real lightsaber requires about 1.69 gigajoules of thermal energy, which is more than a lightning strike, and is equivalent to 120,280 AA batteries. Of course, current technologies will not allow creating such a density of energy, enclosed in the hilt of a sword.

However, for enthusiasts and “crazy scientists”screenwriters left a loophole by introducing the so-called proto-sword, the predecessor of the Jedi sword, which has less power and runs on batteries. At the same time, the true Jedi sword used the Force as a source of energy, transformed through a special crystal, which made it possible to have almost unlimited energy reserves.

The principle of operation of the prototype is to createenergy loop extended along the blade of the weapon. At the same time, energy is held near the sword and transmitted to any obstacle encountered on the way, destroying it along the way. The design of the proto-sword implies the presence of a box with batteries and cables for transferring energy to the blade.

Hacksmith Famous Enthusiastsby creating prototypes of the sword of Thanos, the shield of Captain America and the hammer of Thor, they set out to tackle the idea of ​​creating a classic proto-sword from Star Wars. Considering the embryonic state of modern technology, unable to create a self-stabilizing energy loop, a steel rod was used as a blade of a proto-beam to which energy is supplied, heating it until it glows and even making the characteristic sound “zzzzzmm, zzzzmm” during a sharp movement. This video makes us remember the heroic battles of Luke Skywalker, whose fame is based on the use of the Jedi's lightsaber. The demo video shows the capabilities of a prototype that can cut through some materials.

Source: menshealth