A program has been created that allows you to remove a person’s image from video (video)

Processing video files by ordinary usersBecomes more accessible with wide opportunities thanks to the application created by Google web designer Jason Mayes. Using the algorithm proposed by the engineer, you can delete the image of a person from video files, even if he is moving. The program saves in memory the general background located in the frame and when a person appears on the image, the algorithm “cuts out” its silhouette and replaces the image with the background image stored in memory.

As a basis for the program usedTensorFlow.js machine learning system. Each user will be able to try the capabilities of the application directly from the browser in real time using a web camera. To do this, two conditions must be met: activate javascript support and go to or The open source application is available for download and improvement by developers, provided that it is reported to Jason Mayes.

Currently the application has not yet reachedideal result when removing moving objects or a person from video files - from time to time residual artifacts appear on the image. However, the principle of the algorithm itself uses innovative ideas and allows you to work with video in real time, while existing similar programs do not have such an opportunity. In addition, the Mayes program allows you to process quite complex background images, which is also not available in existing applications.

After placing the application in the public domain,many users expressed their wishes and recommendations for improving the program on Twitter specialist. At the same time, unexpected options for the practical use of the program were indicated. There are suggestions for editing failed videos, using the program when shooting movies about bank robbery by invisibles or about vampires invisible in the mirror.