A pre-order for electric bikes from the company Jeep is open at a price of $ 5899 (4 photos)

Automobile company Jeep, together withQuietKat will launch one of the most powerful mountain bikes on the market. The preliminary acceptance of orders for an electric bicycle equipped with a Fire-Link suspension and a mid-range Bafang Ultra engine developing 1.5 kW is announced.

Ultimate power in an e-bike specificallylowered electronically by half, to 0.75 kW. The reduction in bike engine power is caused by restrictions introduced by some state regulators.

To overcome obstacles on mountain roads and off-road use thickened 4.8 inch tires. Battery capacity allows you to travel up to 64 km.

The cost of an electric bike from Jeep is enoughimpressive and will amount to $ 5,899; delivery to first customers is expected in June 2020. Currently, the RadRover models from Rad Power Bikes are offered on the market for similar bicycles, which cost 4 times less.

Source: electrek