A photograph of the cosmos turned into music, and you can listen to it.

Cosmos is an amazing place with a hugenumber of planets, galaxies and black holes, full of undisclosed secrets. However, what is simply not in this space is sound. In order to somehow give people the opportunity to hear the "sounds of space", NASA researchers turned one of the most amazing images of the Hubble telescope into a kind of stave, where each point plays the role of a particular note. The resulting composition may seem creepy, but if you listen, in its middle you can hear a rather distinct melody.

Image that was used by NASA forThis project was made by the Hubble telescope in August 2018. Because of the huge number of galaxies that fit in the frame, the researchers call photography “a chest with galactic treasures.” According to them, every spot of the galaxy on it is home to countless stars.

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The team that turned the photo intomusical composition, explained that each point in the image makes its own sound. Stars and small galaxies respond with short notes, and large spiral galaxies produce longer and more complex sounds. However, their tone depends on the location - the lower they are located, the rougher the note sounds.

The beginning and end of the resulting music sounds extremelystrange and even creepy, but closer to the middle you can hear a rather pleasant melody. According to researchers, the reason for this is the closest cluster of galaxies - this area is called RXC J0142.9 + 4438.

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