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A person's name can be found just by looking at his face.

Forbes journalists found on the Internet veryinteresting and mysterious patent. Research center Miter Corp, which receives funding from the US government, has been developing technology for recognizing the name of any person by his face for several years. You might think that everything works very simply: cameras record people's faces on videos from surveillance cameras and check them against a database with names. But in fact, everything works much more complicated and many people may not even imagine that this is possible. The researchers from Miter Corp do not use any databases. The technology they develop is based on the theory that a person's name is literally imprinted on their face. That is, all conventional Ivanov Ivanovs have common facial features by which they can be quickly recognized. This theory sounds both cool and alarming, so let's talk about it in more detail.

The name of a person can be guessed by his face. So, at least, Israeli scientists think.

What can be recognized by a person's face?

In 2016, scholars from the Hebrew University inJerusalem found out that a person's name can be displayed on his face. According to them, if any person is shown a portrait of someone and asked to choose the most suitable name for him from the list, the volunteer is more likely to choose the person's real name from the photo. In the course of the experiment, the volunteers were able to guess the names of the people depicted in the portraits in 28.21% of cases. This is not so much, but the result exceeded the expectations of scientists - they were sure that people would guess the names only 20% of the time.

What name would you give this woman? Write in the comments

At the second stage of the experiment, guessing names byphotography was taken up by the computer. Artificial intelligence memorized the features of 100 thousand faces in advance. Each time he was shown one photograph and two names. In 59% of cases, the computer made the right choice. According to the researchers, the correct answers were not random, because in that case the accuracy would be only 50%. In fact, the claims of the authors of the scientific work seem very far-fetched. But, be that as it may, when creating a system for guessing the name by the face, the employees of Miter Corp were based on this theory. So, at least, says Forbes.

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Can you guess a person's name from a photograph?

In 2020, the research center Miter Corppublished a patent stating that they were able to increase the accuracy of guessing a name from a photograph. They did this by training artificial intelligence based on the University of Massachusetts Amherst database of 13,000 portraits tagged with the names of the people depicted on them. In the case when the computer was offered one photo and two variants of the name to choose from, the accuracy reached 80.5%. The patent also states that the technology can work in the opposite direction. That is, the computer can be shown the name and it will display photographs of the people for whom such a name is most suitable.

It seems that in the future, facial recognition systems will be able to determine not only the gender of a person, but also his name.

The theory that a person's name could be"Written" on his face sounds very interesting. At one time, Israeli scientists suggested that the chosen name somehow affects a person's life. And fate, as we know, can really leave its mark on a person's face. At the moment, no one knows whether the US authorities have access to the developed technology and for what purposes it can be used. But there is no doubt that the sole sponsor of Miter Corp is the US Federal Government. Over the past couple of years, the company has received about $ 2 billion, which means that work on the technology is still ongoing. Forbes reporters tried to contact representatives of Miter Corp, but received no response.

Whether Miter Corp technology is being used anywhere at the moment is unknown

The technology is very intriguing and shrouded in mysteries.But at the moment there is no point in guessing if it is being used. Most interesting is how such technology can be used in the future by ordinary people. It can be assumed that parents will no longer puzzle over what name to give their child. You can simply upload a photo of your child to your computer and get the most suitable name for him. Since everything is really so predetermined ...

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In general, face recognition systems have long beenare used, even in small towns. Many people are afraid of such total surveillance, so they come up with ways to protect their privacy. For example, in 2019, one artist created masks to trick face recognition systems. You can read more about it at this link.