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A person's belly button can untie: myth or reality?

When a person works, lifting heavy weights,may well hear the popular expression addressed to him: “Do not strain, otherwise the navel will be untied.” Indeed, when lifting weights, some people feel pressure in the navel, and it may seem that this knot will give slack and a hole will appear on the stomach. It sounds eerie—when writing these words, even my body had unpleasant sensations. In fact, the navel of an adult cannot be untied, because it is a scar. We can say that this is the very first scar in the life of every person. But with a person's navel, something similar to untying can really happen: the navel begins to bulge and hurt. In the framework of this article, we propose to figure out what kind of disease it is and what, in theory, will happen if a person loses his navel.

The navel looks like a knot that can be untied at any moment. Is it possible?


  • 1 What is the navel for?
  • 2 What determines the shape of the navel
  • 3 Can the navel untie
  • 4 What happens if the navel is untied

What is the belly button for?

According to ZME Science, the belly button is vitalan important function only when a person is in the womb. This tube, which can be up to 70 centimeters long, serves as a "door" to the baby's belly and connects to the mother's placenta. The placenta is an embryonic organ that provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus and removes waste products.

The umbilical cord is necessary for the baby in order to receive nutrients from the mother.

When a baby is born, the umbilical cord is cutprocessed and tied. In modern obstetrics, special clothespins are used to secure the navel. The mother's placenta after childbirth is separated from the uterus and subsequently examined by doctors and sent to the freezer. After the chamber is filled, the collected placentas are disposed of.

The navel loses its function immediately after the birth of a child.

In adult life, the navel does not perform anyvital function. For most people, this is just a hole that collects pills from clothes every now and then. For some people, the navel performs an aesthetic function - girls insert piercings into it. Sometimes the navel is a landmark for doctors, which indicates the central point of the abdominal cavity. Sometimes the navel area becomes an opening for a surgical operation.

The navel piercing is very popular among young girls.

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What determines the shape of the navel

There is a myth that the shape of the navel depends ondoctor's accuracy. According to the myth, if a specialist bandages everything correctly, the navel turns out to be sunken, and if he treats the matter with disdain, the navel sticks out and looks ugly. In fact, the shape of the navel is the result of chance, it all depends on how it heals. Most often, people have a sunken navel, and a convex nodule is very rare. The cause of a bulging navel can be anything, even strong crying during the healing period.

It is believed that in the world there are no people with the same shape of the navel

Can the belly button untie

The navel can only be untied in babies, andonly when using old dressing methods - such cases are very rare in modern medicine. However, if this happens, the child will experience life-threatening abdominal bleeding. Fortunately, doctors can quite easily save a child's life - the main thing is to detect bleeding in time.

In an adult, the navel cannot be untied,because it's a long-healed scar. However, in adult men and women, an umbilical hernia can form - it feels just like the navel is about to untie.

Often an umbilical hernia is found during pregnancy or after childbirth.

An umbilical hernia is a protrusion of the internalorgans through the anterior wall of the abdomen due to weakness of the muscles of the umbilical ring zone. This disease can develop during pregnancy, obesity, severe constipation, excessive physical exertion and increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Symptoms of an umbilical hernia include:

  • protrusion of the navel;
  • pain in the navel with tension in the abdomen;
  • nausea, vomiting and digestive problems.

If symptoms of any hernia appear, you should consult a doctor - today there are effective methods of treating this disease.

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What will happen if the navel is untied

The navel of an adult cannot be untied, but what would happen if this were possible? The authors of the What If project shared the answer to this question.

In the first place, untying the navel would lead toinfection in the body. The fact is that the navel has direct connections with the liver and bladder, and if infections penetrate these paths, everything can end in the death of a person.

Also, untying the navel can causethat various fluids begin to flow out of the body. Every child has a canal between the bladder and the navel, which usually disappears with age. Sometimes this channel remains, and if the navel is damaged, urine may begin to flow out of the hole.

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Finally, untying the navel can causedeath of bacteria living inside it. According to some biologists, bacteria live in the navel of some people, which is not found anywhere else in the universe. The untied navel will require treatment, as a result of which all these microbes will be permanently destroyed.

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