A person can smell by his tongue

Scientists have long proved that humanPerception of aromas is the result of a complex interaction of smells in the nose and tastes felt by the tongue. New research has turned this knowledge of the human body upside down, because scientists have found in the human language the same olfactory receptors that are in the nose. The most interesting thing is that they function in the same way, that is, we can say that people can smell even by their own language.

The effect of smell on taste sensation for surenoticed everyone at a cold - with a stuffy nose, the food loses most of its taste. The fact is that the taste and olfactory receptors are constantly working together and transmit information to the brain to combine it into a single whole. New research proves that the transfer of the senses of smell is not only the receptors in the nose, but also on the tongue.

Unexpected receptors on the tongue were discoveredwhen studying the cellular structures of mice and humans. Cell imaging technology has proven that they respond to smells in exactly the same way as olfactory receptors in the nose. The discovery raises many questions in relation to the human body - perhaps the taste and olfactory receptors contribute to the brain in a completely different way, and not as previously thought.

To find out, scientists intend to continuework on research. The head of the research team, Mehmet Hakan Ozdener, suggests that new discoveries will create new flavor enhancers based on odors. For example, they will be able to give the food a sweetish taste, whereas it will practically contain no sugar. This will reduce the number of diseases of diabetes and other problems related to nutrition.

Recently, researchers from the UniversityPennsylvania made another amazing discovery related to the human body. It turned out that with strong flu, taste buds can grow in people’s lungs, which are the cause of further complications. Details about this discovery can be read in our material.

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