A new world record of non-stop flight at 16,200 km (5 photos + video)

While Elon Musk is developing innovativeultra-fast vehicles, airlines are looking for new opportunities to maximize the benefits of using traditional passenger aircraft. Qantas from Australia made a record non-stop flight from New York to Sydney using the production Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The duration of the flight at 16.2 thousand kilometers was 19 hours and 16 minutes.

The airline had an unusual scheduled flight,the flight was in test mode. On the plane, designed for a minimum of 250 passengers, only 49 people went on the flight, including crew members. The testers of the longest passenger flight in the history of aviation included: 6 pilots, 6 flight attendants, psychologists, doctors, journalists and 6 specially selected passengers.

Doctors monitored physical andmoral and psychological state of passengers. On the recommendation of doctors, all participants in the flight periodically performed simple physical exercises. Special sensors recorded the condition of not only resting passengers, but also airline employees, recording, for example, flight attendant fatigue and the level of pilots' brain activity, for which special helmets were used.

Considering the 15 hour time difference betweenIn New York and Sydney, airline employees have taken maximum measures to reduce jet lag syndrome associated with changing time zones. To do this, the interior lighting was changed, and for dinner food was served, abundantly sprinkled with spices.

Despite incomplete aircraft loadingpassengers, they were allowed to take only carry-on baggage with them. This is explained by the need to reduce the mass of cargo transported by aircraft and the limited volume of fuel tanks. However, after landing in Australia, it turned out that the plane could be in the air for another 90 minutes. The airline will make the next test flight between London and Sydney. The duration of this flight will be longer and will be 20 hours 30 minutes.

After examining perfect record dataDuring the flight, conclusions will be made about the condition of the pilots, maintenance personnel and passengers after a long stay in the air in confined spaces. The state of the aircraft and the effect of continuous long-term operation on the technical parameters of components and mechanisms are also investigated. A decision will also be made on the advisability of making long non-stop flights.

Qantas is currently planning to startregular flights between Sydney and New York since 2022. For this, special aircraft will be purchased, in the cabin of which there will be no economy class seats, but there will be armchairs, a bed and a gym. Currently, a flight on this route takes 22 hours 20 minutes and involves an intermediate landing in Los Angeles.