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A new virtual reality device helps touch an interlocutor online

According to the portal, scientists have created a unique adhesive that can feel the touch of the interlocutor in the distance. A soft, cordless silicone device sticks to the skin and emits vibrations that the brain interprets as some kind of touch. The creators of the mechanism hope that one day it can be used to simulate touches on the Internet, while making phone calls, as well as in games.

The new device of scientists will allow you to feel the presence of a loved one, even at the greatest distance

A patch that allows you to touch a person at a distance

To feel the toucha relative or friend living in another country, the user will need to install a patch connected wirelessly to the user's smartphone or tablet. The electronic patch consists of 32 drives, each of which helps to reproduce the feeling of touching the skin. John A. Rogers, a professor of materials science and biomedical engineering at Northwestern University, believes that the design of the device he created maximizes the sensory perception of vibrational forces that affect the skin.

Wireless “patch” measures 15x15 centimeters

The invention of the device will now allow more than justmaximize the development of virtual reality technology, but will also help in the development of medical prostheses. So, one of the striking examples of the use of a new type of augmented reality device can be a US Army veteran Garret Anderson, who lost his right hand in the war. A volunteer wearing a patch on his right forearm confidently notes that he felt the fingertips of his prosthesis while using the device. Researchers believe that Anderson’s example may suggest that the brains of people who have lost limbs can be trained to perceive phantom sensations. In order to achieve an even greater positive effect, scientists intend to modernize the patch, making it thinner and lighter with the aim of the possibility of implantation of a unique design for clothing.

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Virtual reality is very important.a developing field of modern technologies, and if earlier it was perceived only from the point of view of entertainment and leisure, to date, a number of researchers believe that this technology has the greatest chances for its further development. The possibility of integrating a sense of touch into virtual reality could radically change not only the areas of entertainment and communications, but also affect the development of medicine as a whole.