A new parcel for aliens with “human” music will be sent to space

In 1977, the Voyager spacecraft launchedcosmos is a gold record, which greetings are written in 55 languages ​​of the world, music from all over the world, sounds of nature and coded images. It is expected that someday civilizations from distant planets will be able to listen to it, but the SETI institute for finding extraterrestrial intelligence believes that since then music has changed a lot, and aliens should send more modern music. To implement the new idea, she launched the Earthling project, in the course of which four stages will be created compositions that will personify all of humanity.

At the head of the project are the composer Felipe PerezSantiago and the astronomer Jill Tarter. According to the authors, today people have the opportunity to compose the same music despite the distances, and it would be foolish not to use this opportunity and not to record songs that will unite representatives of all nations of the world.

Creating a composition will take some time, sohow the project is divided into four phases. The first step in SETI is to collect vocal songs about birth, life and death. They will be performed by people from all parts of the world - those samples will be selected that most reflect the cultural identity of a person.

The voice is the first way that people started making music.

Felipe Pérez Santiago, composer

At the second stage, the musicians will perform a composition underEarthling, in which vocal recordings will be combined with the sounds of space, an electronic synthesizer and a live ensemble singing. The concert will be given on the territory of the Allen Antenna Grill telescope in Northern California and broadcast live.

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The third stage involves the joint work of professional and non-professional musicians in the creation of music outside of all kinds of genres, using samples from an open platform.

Genres are just divisions, boundaries. Having access to technological tools, we destroy them. Someone in Asia can easily work with someone in America - they just sit down and make music without any limits.

In the fourth stage, the researchers intenddevelop and release an application with the help of which anyone can write their own music. Again, the sounds from the open base will be used as samples.

After all stages are successfulcompleted, the resulting music will be collected, recorded on a new gold record, and sent to outer space. The first stage, during which SETI will collect vocal recordings all over the world, will begin this year. In order not to miss this moment, you can subscribe to notifications on the official project website.

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