A new, non-toxic drug for COVID-19 has been developed in Russia

New Coronavirus Cure Developedby the research team of the State Research Center Institute of Immunology. Currently, the drug intended for inpatient treatment is registered with the Ministry of Health. The drug received the name "MIR 19", which stands for "Small interfering RNA".

Scientists were able to create a drug after decryptiongenome of the SARS-COV-2 virus, which made it possible to determine the most optimal "targets" inside it. The action of the drug "MIR 19" is aimed at suppressing the vital RNA sequences of the virus. It is noteworthy that the treatment does not affect the human genome. Delivery of the drug to the upper and lower respiratory tract is carried out using a cationic dendrimeric peptide added to the drug.

Head of the Federal Medical and Biologicalagency (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova notes that the main component of the drug is synthetic molecules of small interfering RNA (miRNA), which purposefully inhibit the pathogen genome identified in the infected cell.

The conducted clinical trials show the high efficacy and safety of MIR 19, and in the course of preclinical tests, scientists have found low toxicity of the drug.