A new model of a flying taxi Vahana made an incredible flight.

About three years ago, Airbus engineers withinVahana project began to develop the aircraft. And last year, the company tested its first sample, the Alpha One. Prototype tests are carried out over several years. And on the 50th test, the device showed that it can fly over long distances.

It is likely that over time, helicoptersbecome obsolete. And they will be replaced by devices with a similar design. Testing another prototype Alpha Two was conducted for 5 hours at the site, located in Oregon.

Each flight lasted at least seven minutes. The device at the same time accelerated to a decent 97 kilometers per hour. During the flights he collected information from the sensors, which will be used to correct the current problems in the next models of the Vahana apparatus.

The network even appeared a video on which noticeablyhow easily the device takes off to a height of about 64 meters. Taking off vertically, the machine leans forward. Then, while driving, he changes the inclination by 30 degrees - and due to this, he develops a speed of 57 kilometers per hour. Accelerating, the device can perform any basic maneuvers.

This aircraft seems quite flexible, safe and versatile. Experts believe that devices like the Airbus Vahana will be the best transport for medium distances.