A new gadget will help divers communicate under water (5 photos + video)

Team Oceans, a startup from Sweden, introduced the Oceans S1 wearable device. This is a multifunctional personal gadget for divers, similar to an underwater smartphone.

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Instead of radio waves propagating badly in thisenvironment, the device uses ultrasound for communication. However, to communicate in a traditional manner will not work. The system helps maintain contact only for paired devices.

Oceans S1 is created in the form of "smart watches". It can be worn on the wrist, using the basic information options for the diver. There is also a depth sensor, a digital compass, a water temperature sensor, information about the maximum depth, a timer that monitors oxygen residues. All data is displayed on a LED color Retina-display with a diagonal of 2.2 inches. After getting out of the water, they can be transmitted via Bluetooth to an application installed on a smartphone for Android or iOS.

The “connection” of the project’s authors calls the opportunity forgroup members quickly ping under water. After pressing the button, all Oceans S1, located within a radius of 15 meters, immediately begin to vibrate. The screen shows the device from which the signal is being sent. Further interaction will be carried out in the old manner, with gestures. But for the initial attraction of attention waving hands is not required. Moreover, the development of an elementary code for transmitting basic commands to comrades is a simple matter. In a pinch, good old Morse code will do.

The weight of the novelty is 95 grams. Oceans S1 can be immersed to a depth of 90 meters. To function, without recharging, the gadget will be for 10 hours. Internal memory is sufficient for recording reports of 80 hours of work or 500 dives. Investors startup device will cost $ 325. When the product enters the market, it will rise in price to 565 dollars.