A new exoskeleton will help a person lift a weight of 90 kilograms.

What can move at a speed of 5.5 kilometersper hour and can lift a weight of 90 kilograms all day without recharging? Potentially even we are with you if we put on special exoskeletons. That is why the US military made an order for the full-size exoskeletons of the Guardian XO (yes, just like brandy) from the manufacturer Sarcos: no wonder, because with their help, a weight of 90 kilograms will be felt by man as 4.5 kilograms!

No, this is not the so-called "ironhuman. " Despite the fact that exoskeletons have made real progress over the past decade, they are still heavy, cumbersome, clumsy and have a short battery life. Nevertheless, everything that allows you to lift 90 kilograms again and again for several hours without exhaustion or injury is a potential find for the military, who must manually throw missiles, drag heavy fuel hoses or lift broken engine parts from vehicles.

Therefore, the US military want to useGuardian XO for maintenance and repair of aircraft, including during loading and unloading operations. The exoskeleton supports the body of its operator with a gain of 1 to 20, allows walking at a speed of up to 5.6 kilometers per hour, but most importantly, it has the function of replacing batteries, which are enough for 8 hours of operation.

If Sarcos exoskeleton succeedstests, he still will not be the first model that is suitable for combat equipment. So far, the maximum he can be trusted to carry heavy loads. However, the model is already interested in BMW, Caterpillar and some construction companies.

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The device will collect variousbiometric data about the user like pressure, pulse, body temperature and so on in order to protect the user from overvoltage. In addition, the built-in computer will also analyze the nature of the activity in order to most effectively provide support and assist in the performance of work.

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