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A new development will turn any windshield into an AR display

Augmented reality technology is no longersomething out of the ordinary. Take the same smartphones: almost any modern (and even not very modern) gadget can easily be controlled with augmented reality and provide its users with a new experience. But it all boils down, as a rule, to simple games or travel applications. Is there a more serious use of AR? It seems to be there. And the Beijing company Futurus is ready to demonstrate it, which threatens to soon show the technology that will turn any glass of any car into an AR display.

Turn a car windshield into an AR projector? That sounds good!

Why do cars need augmented reality?

The answer is very obvious, in fact, she needsin order to provide the driver and passengers with much more useful and entertaining information on the trip. The company is ready to present its new development of “light field projection” at the CES 2020 exhibition early next year.

Offering 60 degree viewing angle with resolution80 pixels per degree, these display-projected elements can be used to indicate dangers detected by car systems on the roads, highlight lanes, project navigation directions directly in front of the driver so that they seem to him “drawn” on the road and even as an information screen synchronized with the user's smartphone. Would you like such an advanced windshield? Write about it in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

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The creators of an interesting technology say thatthe projected image can also act as a giant entertaining screen for passengers, working in such a way that the driver will not be able to see what everyone else is seeing, so as not to be distracted from the road. Representatives of Futurus claim that they have already concluded contracts for the supply of technology with well-known automakers, however, specific companies are not called.

The ability to fill all your windshieldDigital information looks like a huge advantage, but on the other hand it is a giant responsibility. - The press service of the Beijing company said in an interview with New Atlas. If the system crashes and displays the “blue screen of death” when you try to change the lane on the freeway, it will be quite risky. But we are confident that our system can work very accurately and are ready to demonstrate it.

Though Futurus tell us that it’s not time yetto disclose the names of the automakers that agreed to cooperate with them, it is quite possible to expect new details at the upcoming CES 2020. At a minimum, you can see the technology in action. And there it will become clear what the latest development is - just another marketing move designed to make money on a hype topic, or a serious cool gadget that will start appearing on high-end cars in the next few years, and then, like any top-end technology will move to the mass market. Personally, we would very much like to believe in the second outcome of the development of events.