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A new coronavirus vaccine may be needed for cats and dogs. But why?

Not only people can become infected with the coronavirus, butand animals. During the pandemic, cases of infection of dogs, cats, tigers, gorillas and minks have already been recorded. At the moment, 3 vaccines have been created in the world with an efficiency of more than 90%, and they are already used in many countries. Recently, the scientific journal Virulence published an article that in the future even cats, dogs and other animals will have to be vaccinated. Yes, today they become infected very rarely and there are almost no cases of transmission of the virus from animal to person. But in the future, when the coronavirus pandemic finally ends, animals could be the cause of new outbreaks. The worst thing is that already created vaccines may turn out to be ineffective and scientists will have to develop new drugs to prevent the start of a new pandemic. But on what basis did the scientists come to this conclusion?

Maybe in the future we will have to vaccinate pets even against coronavirus

Coronavirus in animals

Briefly the essence of the published in a scientific journalVirulence of the article was reported by Live Science. We learned that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, can enter the organisms of pets, we learned in March 2020. Then an article was published on our website about 25-year-old Connor Reed, who became one of the first to become infected with the coronavirus. He contacted the Daily Mail and talked about how his illness progressed. Initially, he did not know that he was dealing with something very dangerous. At that time, the whole world was not aware of the danger of coronavirus. But later he lay in bed for a long time, but recovered. During his illness, he infected his kitten, which could not cope with the illness and died.

Connor Reed and his kitten

At the end of 2020, the coronavirus was detected inminks living in Denmark. In order to prevent further spread of the virus, it was decided to destroy all of them. I talked about this case in detail in this article. There are almost no cases of transmission of coronavirus from animals to humans, but they may appear in the future. The fact is that while being inside the body for a long time, the virus evolves and new strains appear. So, relatively recently, a 70% more infectious strain that originated in the UK began to spread around the world.

Thousands of mink killed in Denmark from a bird's eye view

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Vaccines for cats and dogs

Vaccinate cats and dogs againstno need for coronavirus. But such a need may arise in the future. At the moment, it is extremely important for scientists to monitor the mutations of the virus and, in which case, be ready to develop a new vaccine against a strain of animal origin. This should not take much time, because scientists have already studied the virus quite well and know how it can enter living organisms. Thanks to all the data collected over the past year, Austrian scientists have recently created a very detailed 3D model of SARS-CoV-2. The model is based on a photograph of an instantly frozen virus sample.

This is what the ill-fated coronavirus looks like

According to The New York Times, vaccine developmentfrom coronavirus for animals is already underway in the United States and Russia. But for now, the USDA is ready to license such vaccines only if they are for minks. Companies can develop drugs for cats and dogs, but without a license they cannot sell them. In principle, at the moment they have nowhere to rush, because there is still no demand for such vaccines.

Russian coronavirus vaccine for animals reported to be ready by the end of 2021

The authors of the scientific article once again recalledprecautions during the coronavirus pandemic. In order for this difficult time to end more quickly and all social restrictions to be lifted, it is important to continue to maintain social distance and wear protective masks. Today, the panic around the virus is already quietly subsiding, but the number of infections is still not decreasing and the disease has not become less dangerous. If you experience any symptoms, it is important to stay at home to avoid contamination of others.

Relax early - wearing masks and keeping your distance is still very important!

You can also get vaccinated if you wish.For this purpose, Russia uses the drug "Sputnik V", which is also supplied to a number of other countries. Trusting this vaccine or not is everyone's personal business. Recently, my colleague Ivan Kuznetsov decided to get vaccinated and detailed his experience in this article. In it, he gave information on how to sign up for vaccinations and what exactly happens in the doctor's office. I recommend reading!

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In addition to the Russian "Sputnik V" there is alsoAmerican vaccine Pfizer. Its creators assure that the drug is effective and after it the danger of infection with coronavirus disappears. But recently on the Internet they started talking about the fact that after being vaccinated with an American drug, some people die. This may sound like very disturbing news. But there is really nothing to worry about, and here's why.