A new bicycle from the Netherlands cannot fall at all (4 photos + video)

One of the main transport problems of the Netherlands- This is the safety of cyclists on the road. The main reason for this lies in the frequent fall of the elderly. It seems that it was possible to solve it by engineers of the Delft technical university and specialists of the Koninklijke Gazelle company.

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They offered a prototype bike that does not speeds of 4 kilometers per hour. In the rack of its steering for this integrated another electric motor. He straightens the whole device in the right direction at the risk of loss of balance. And it can even steer without a rider. According to the authors of the project, now it’s almost unreal to drop the bike. The mathematical model takes into account 25 different parameters, calculating the stability of transport in real time.

The device is especially important since the numberIn the first decade of this century, accidents related to the fall of elderly cyclists increased by one third. About 500 people fall into them annually, 120 of whom die. Such incidents cost the economy $ 310,000 each. The safety relevance for heavy and fast electric washers is even higher.

So far, thruster algorithms are being debugged. And on the roads a new technology will not appear very soon. How much will the development cost is also not specified.