A new 3D map of the Milky Way will help solve old space puzzles

New Australian National StudyUniversity has allowed us to create a three-dimensional map of the magnetic field in a small wedge of the Milky Way galaxy, which paves the way for future discoveries that will improve our understanding of the origin and evolution of the Universe. The head of the study, Dr. Aris Tricis, from the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics ANU said that this was the first study that allowed tomographically measure the magnetic field strength of our galaxy.

Map of the Milky Way Magnetic Field

“Our work paves the way for future discoveries regarding the evolution of the Milky Way, the formation of stars and planets, and the early stages of the Universe,” says Dr. Tricis.

Galaxy's magnetic field and cosmic dustact as a veil hiding the radiation of the early stages of the Universe - known as a cosmic microwave background - and preventing scientists from testing cosmological models of the evolution of the Universe.

For comparison, 15 μG (microgauss), which usuallymeasured in the interstellar medium - this is 10 million times less than the magnet force on the fridge. Despite the small size and length of tens or hundreds of light years, it is extremely important for all the processes that we called earlier.

“Now we have the power mapping toolsmagnetic field for all areas of our galaxy, which allows us to better understand the evolution of the universe, ”says Dr. Tricis. “This work proves that such an ambitious study is quite feasible. Our next step is to create the first complete three-dimensional map of the galaxy's magnetic field and study all the other astrophysical processes that depend on it. ”

The detected magnetic field strength of the galaxy turned out to be much higher than previously thought.

Most models that predict powerThe magnetic field of our galaxy for each location and distance from the sun is based on observations that cannot examine the magnetic field in three dimensions. The new model will help to understand how cosmic high-energy rays pass through our galaxy.

Cosmic rays are extremely energetic particles whose energies are sometimes much higher than those they can reach.

“By understanding the structure and strength of the magnetic field, wewe can increase our chances of finding the locations of the sources of these extremely energetic particles and will be able to explore new physics at extreme energies, ”scientists say. The study was published in The Astrophysical Journal.

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