A molecule has been discovered to help deal with obesity without grueling diets.

Already written about the dangers of excess weightmaterials, including on our website. And scientists from around the world, in turn, continue to seek means to combat this very excess weight. Moreover, which is logical, the approach of experts often consists in the development of new methods that are not associated with training or various diets. For example, a molecule was recently discovered that allows you to lose extra pounds without starvation and exercise.

Perhaps very soon it will be possible to lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight without diets

According to New Atlas,researchers at the University of Texas, while studying the molecular mechanisms that lead to weight gain, found that a small molecule called miR-26 slows down the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue and can thus be used in the treatment of obesity.

It is worth noting that the miR-26 molecule refers toclass of so-called micro RNAs. Micro RNAs themselves play a very important role in our bodies: they regulate gene expression. In this case, miR-26 is responsible for genes that affect insulin sensitivity and, most interestingly, control the accumulation of adipose tissue. In the course of further research, scientists began to search for the target, which acts miR-26. That is, it was necessary to find the gene itself, which triggers the mechanisms of fat accumulation. And it turned out to be the FBXL19 gene.

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Then the fun began. Scientists have found that if the detected gene is blocked, then the growth of adipose tissue slows down. And, on the contrary, if a gene “works hard”, fat is deposited at a much greater rate. After this discovery, the experts used the CRISPR genome editor and, with it, edited the DNA of laboratory mice so that miR-26 was not reproduced in their bodies. In another group of animals, on the contrary, they caused excessive production of the molecule. We regularly cover the most significant experiments using the genome editor on our website. So we recommend subscribing to our Telegram channel so as not to miss anything.

Leading authors of the work, who discovered the "magic" molecules - Dr. Joshua Mendell and Dr. Asha Ahariya

As a result of the experiment, rodents from the first group inwhen they reached puberty, they began to accumulate adipose tissue, and as a result, after some time, its content exceeded the norm by almost 3 times. But the animals from the second group maintained normal weight. On average, the weight of mice with a deactivated miR-26 molecule was 40% higher than that of rodents that had this molecule in excess. It is worth mentioning that throughout the experiment, all mice were fed with fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods, and laboratory animals with normal weight had not only normal body weight, but also low blood sugar.

Also interesting is this: no side effects from increased expression of miR-26 were detected in the body of mice. Now scientists are trying to develop methods of influencing the production of the miR-26 molecule in the human body. After this, it is planned to begin the testing phase of the new technique in humans.