A modern gaming computer was squeezed into the Nintendo GameCube (2 photos + video)

Fans of electronic gadgets from the pastcontinue experiments aimed at integrating modern technology into gadgets created several decades ago. YouTube enthusiast and video blogger Tech By Matt conducted an interesting experiment in which a modern gaming computer was built into the case of the popular Nintendo GameCube game console in the early 2000s.

Pre-owned, non-operational Nintendo consoleGameCube, an enthusiast acquired on the eBay platform. The next step by Tech By Matt was to "clean" the insides of the cubic case of the console from obsolete fillings. Then, components of a modern gaming computer were built into the GameCube case.

The process of integrating consoles and gamingThe computer was quite complicated, since the space inside the console was extremely small. All the tricks of the enthusiast are recorded on the video and posted on his YouTube channel. Upon completion of the process, the capabilities of the game in Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were demonstrated.

Nintendo GameCube Console Launches in Autumn2001 and gained popularity among gamers, partly due to the unusual design in the form of a cube, which made the console easy to recognize and different from the monotonous gaming devices of that time. The GameCube, which replaced the Nintendo 64, held onto the market until 2007, when its support was officially discontinued. In total, over 21.7 million units of consoles were sold.