A mastodon bone on an American farm can attract scientists from around the world.

About 30 years ago a couple of farmers from Iowadiscovered on their property the bones of a huge animal. At first it was identified as a mammoth, but then experts came to the conclusion that before them was a more ancient ancestor of modern elephants - a mastodon. It seems that this farm is a storehouse of remains of creatures from the Ice Age, because recently the jaw of the same animal was found on it, and it was discovered by a teenager who was just walking along the stream.

At the moment, the bones are stored inPaleontological repository of the University of Iowa. According to his representatives, the jaw length is more than 75 centimeters. Judging by the size, it belonged to a young mastodon, whose height at the time of his death was just over two meters.

Vault staff believe that teenagers are veryI found the remains in time, because if the bone was in the open sun and dried, its structure would collapse and it would lose the properties of ordinary bones. According to the head of the repository Tiffany Adrein, the guy independently raised a heavy bone and carried it to the farmers. Those who, thanks to past experience, already knew what to do, and wrapped the remains in plastic so that they would remain wet.

With all this, the couple asked journalists notreveal their names. The neighborhood of the city of Des Moines during the Ice Age was a great place for woolly animals of the Ice Age, and it is possible that many archaeological groups will soon appear on them.

Interestingly, fossil bones are not alwaysstored in official repositories. For example, in 2013, Alan Detrich found a fossil of a baby Tyrannosaurus, and recently decided to sell them for $ 2.95 million, which caused the anger of paleontologists.

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